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Zow Indicators Organizations Winning indicators

Zow indicators

Organizations Winning indicators

The ZOW indicators methodology, developed by researcher Zaher Basheer Al-Abdo [1], is considered the latest findings of international scientific research that has been interested in studying performance indicators and their role in measuring and improving performance in institutions at the global level as developing what D. Parmenter is “the king of the KPI’s” as the followers of his scientific activities call him.

Research and study…

The researcher Zaher Basheer Al-Abdo has analyzed and following up all the studies that dealt with performance indicators for many years through his many discussions that he presented and his new concepts that he discussed with many specialists, in addition to his dialogues with the majority of trainees (from the majority of Arab countries) who attended his specialized courses in analyzing indicators performance, and specialized workshops held in building and formulating those indicators.

The researcher Zaher Basheer al-Abdo has noticed the shortcomings of some aspects of these indicators, as they did not take into account the strategic dimension of the growth of the institutions that implement them on the one hand, and the difficulty of understanding and applying them in general on the other hand, which was reflected in the restriction of their application to major organizations, especially large multinational companies.

Although Mr. D. Parmenter expanded on these indicators and specialized in implementing workshops worldwide, in his book Key Performance Indicators[3] in its third edition, which was issued in the first quarter of the current year 2015, in which he added ratings for four types of performance indicators in addition to His identification of the four basic elements for the basis of building these indicators, not to mention his endeavor to introduce two new elements in the perspectives of the balanced scorecard (BSC)[4] management performance strategy developed by Kaplan[5] & Norton[6] after they benefited from the HOSHIN KANRI[7] methodology, which is considered a practical Comprehensive step-by-step planning that takes a systems approach to change toward continuous improvement, and represents the aspects of strategic planning that move an organization into greater areas of innovation and creativity.

To where?…
The performance measurement methodology, Zow indicators[8], topped all methodologies for measuring, monitoring and managing performance indicators, being the only one that was taken as the strategic dimension of organizations’ work on the one hand, and it addressed the shortcomings of what preceded it in terms of classification, simplification and ease of implementation for the majority of institutions of different sizes and specializations on the other hand, as well as It expanded on clarifying the procedures for building standards for the superiority, distinction and leadership of institutions out of awareness of the importance of integrating them into the strategic planning process in all its basic stages from a third party.

the future…
After the researcher Zaher Basheer Al-Abdo, the developer of the Zow indicators [9] methodology, has completed all the practical and scientific stages of spreading this methodology on a global scale, he discusses at this stage some of the most important international publishing houses and research centers to adopt the definition of this methodology at all levels and through all means available.

The source of this article is the book “Integration or Death…Strategic Management by Integration” authored by Zaher Bashir Al-Abdo from the publications of the Arab Management Organization.
For a hard copy, visit this link: http://bit.ly/2FAW0nG
For an electronic copy, visit this link: http://bit.ly/2Mee4pZ or https://amzn.to/3qaoM0G
For a list of the author’s books, visit this link: https://amzn.to/3nAlySK or http://bit.ly/2DxFl08

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