What are Zee Cards mean?


Zee Cards

Researcher Zaher Basheer Al-Abdo[2] developed the ZeeCards perspectives, thus laying one of the most important foundations on which he builds his intellectual premise in strategic management and leadership of organizations for leadership and institutional excellence.

ZeeCards[3] for leadership, organizational excellence, and performance improvement are considered one of the latest types of management performance measurement strategies based on the concept and content of the participatory performance strategy developed by Arab researcher Zaher Basheer al-Abdo.

What’s new? …
ZeeCards perspectives have addressed the shortcomings of all management performance measurement strategies, especially the BSC Balanced Scorecard methodology, which D. Parmenter sought in his book Key Performance Indicators [4] in its third edition, issued in the first quarter of the year 2015 to introduce two new elements into the BSC perspectives. 5] The Balanced Scorecard developed by Kaplan[6] & Norton[7] after taking advantage of the HOSHIN KANRI methodology[8], which represents a comprehensive step-by-step planning process that takes a systems approach to change towards continuous improvement, and represents the aspects of strategic planning that move the organization into areas More innovation and creativity.

Living Management Theory…

ZeeCards perspectives[9] talked about seven perspectives of organizational excellence and leadership after dropping two of the BSC perspectives developed by Kaplan[10] & Norton[11], where he addressed the shortcomings in taking into account the three environments in which organizations operate on the one hand and focused on integrating them as an essential part It is effective in strategic planning steps and mechanisms for extracting Zow indicators, activating their role in the three basic management functions, and investing this activation in restructuring to ensure the continuity of continuous excellence, taking its theoretical premises from the living management theory [12] that it recently developed.

It is worth noting that researcher Zaher Basheer al-Abdo reached a preliminary agreement with a senior researcher in foreign strategic management research, and the debate is currently revolving around presenting a joint book that combines the two principles of researcher Zaher Basheer al-Abdo with the other researcher to present a new concept in leadership and strategic management that disrupts the work of many previous concepts.

*The article can be read on the Arabic Wikipedia from the following link: ZEcards Binoculars

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The source of this article is the book “Integration or Death…Strategic Management by Integration”, written by Zaher Basheer Al-Abdo, from the publications of the Arab Management Organization
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