Zaher Basheer Al-Abdo Scholarship in Leadership Qualification

Zaher Basheer Al-Abdo Scholarship in Leadership Qualification

Within the activities of the Future Leaders Forum to support youth, The Future Leaders Forum, in cooperation with the Syrian Management Association and sponsored by the NNC Academy, offers the Zaher Basheer al-Abdo grant[1] an introduction to strategic management[2] according to the following:

Conditions for obtaining the grant
This scholarship is exclusively for holders of Syrian citizenship.
Holders of the following nationalities (Yemeni, Palestinian, Iraqi and Libyan) can apply for this scholarship if vacant seats are available.
Other Arab nationalities can apply for the scholarship and their applications will be considered individually according to their circumstances.
The scholarship council studies the applications of the candidates and announces the names of those accepted on the seventh day of every month
The last date for submitting applications is the 28th of every month
The applicants will be notified of the schedule of the training program via their own e-mails / mobiles.
The programs will be held in Turkey / Istanbul in equipped halls, and those accepted by correspondence will be informed of the executive program at the time.

Scholarship Benefits

Accepted applicants will receive a 90% scholarship based on the following fees:
Registration fee without scholarship

Registration fee for those accepted for the scholarship

$100 instead of $1000

The number of training hours for the program is 32 theoretical and practical training hours.
Certificates of the training program accredited by the NNC Academy provided by the Future Leaders Forum, in addition to a free (student) membership card for one year in the Future Leaders Forum, to learn about the benefits of membership, as well as the following link:
You can visit the official NNC Academy website from the following link:
You can visit the official website of the Future Leaders Forum from the following link:

To register for the scholarship, please complete the following information

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    [1] Syrian Administration Association

    [2] Syrian Management Association

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